Never shopped with Thomas & Kay before?  Here are some things to know and what to expect when placing an order:

Origins (About Us)

Thomas & Kay is a small, family-owned business, located in Pasadena, California. We are extremely passionate about providing outstanding quality and service to our customers. Our company name is a combination of the middle names of the owners. Growing up in the Los Angeles area, we have long been inspired by oceans, mountains, deserts, and the overall natural beauty that surrounds us. City life and rural landscapes have shaped the clothing we aim to provide our customers. Whether if it’s a social event, leisurely play, or a great adventure, Thomas & Kay has you covered.

Logistics (How the Order Process Works)

Thomas & Kay does not manufacture clothing or maintain inventory in the Pasadena office. We sell items through a select group of clothing suppliers that meet our stringent quality and shipping standards. We partner only with suppliers based in the U.S. and we intend to ship orders from our U.S. facilities. Many of our products are manufactured internationally. Although we work primarily with U.S. suppliers, this does not mean Thomas & Kay sells only U.S. manufactured products.

Immediately after you place an order, the information is sent to one of our U.S. based warehousing partners. Items are typically shipped within a few business days and we expect shipments to arrive to our customers within 14 days. Due to seasonal and product demand, inventories in our U.S. facilities may be short from time to time. Therefore, we do allow international suppliers to ship items if our U.S. warehouses are out of stock, in which case we aim to express air mail these items free of charge to our customers.

Customers will receive emails throughout the order process, confirming payment, and notifying you of shipping status and tracking information. In certain cases, shipping can take longer due to logistics out of our control. Once items have been shipped, Thomas & Kay is no longer in control of the item, and we urge our customers to monitor their shipments through the tracking number provided and to contact the shipping company directly for any concerns you may have. On rare occasions, shipping companies can fail to scan a package properly, resulting in a lack of transparency for our customers. In these cases, contact and we can likely confirm if your item has left our facility and provide an estimated delivery date.

 If for any reason you wish to cancel your order, we cannot do so if the order has already been shipped. Please refer to our Footer Menu on the website for more information about our policies. We hope this provides you with some comfort as you get to know our business.


Thomas & Kay